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Converse College - Spartanburg SC Real Haunt

  • 580 E Main St
  • Spartanburg, SC
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Converse College possesses multiple haunted buildings. A ghostly boy is known to play catch by the laundry room in the Williams Dorm. The Hazel B. Abott theater is haunted by its namesake and the Wilson hall has a ghost with red eyes. However, it is Pell Hall that has arguably the most famous specter. According to legend, the ghostly lady in white had jumped from her window in an attempt to run away and elope with her lover. Unfortunately she died from the fall. Pell Hall is also haunted by Betty Payne, a young woman who hanged herself in her room.
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  • I dont know its just creepy

    I was in my dorm room when i saw something in the distance. I thought I just seen a quick flash, but I turned back and saw a pale white lady in a blood stained dress. She was whispering loudly, ¨free me for i have no mistakes.¨ I wanted to run to hide, I wanted to get far away from her. But I suddenly couldn't move . All of a sudden she loudly said my name. She again yelled " You shall give me your soul for i have not eaten in months.¨ I dont feel like expressing everything else but, this college was humiliating.

    Posted 10/19/23

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  • Pell Haunts

    I haven't seen the blob myself but apparently in Pell and west Wilson there's a blob that floats through the floors and is terrifying I currently live in Pell which sucks because that is the Haunted Mansion and also I was told that Betty Payne hung herself in the stairs of Pell so watch out. Oh also never go to the bell tower... alone with people or anything don't go there

    Posted 8/31/23

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  • Lady in the quad

    This was pretty late in the middle of the night I was hanging out with some friends that lived in Belk and I decided to head back to my dorm which is Williams and as I was walking back I was in between both Belk and Williams so right where Cudd is I decided to look out to the quad and I saw this lady like figure in a white dress and I decided to stop and make sure what I was seeing was what I thought and as I was looking closer I was right about what I thought it was it was a lady like figure and she was wearing a white dress and it was flowing in the wind and it was moving towards me I automatically got the chills and I was like shocked in place for a couple seconds but I immediately ran straight back to my friends dorm in Belk and I barged right in out of breath and they told me I was completely pale white and I was pacing back in fourth trying to explain what I just saw they of course didn’t believe me and started making fun of me and thought I was kidding so I decided to take them to where I saw it and of course there was nothing there and they thought I was just seeing things but I swear I saw what I saw and now I refuse to walk at night by myself I also couldn’t go to sleep that night because of how scared I was.

    Posted 9/13/21

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  • New Haunt

    Just last week a girl on the soccer team in Flemming came to her room and when she turned on the sink, black water started running from it. She went into her bedroom and there was black writing on the wall that said "Get Out" followed by her name, which I will leave out for her sake. She left to go stay at her boyfriend's apartment and told her coach and her whole team about it. She came back to get some stuff and when she went into the bathroom there was still black water and written on the mirror was "Come Back" followed again by her name. She decided to take a video (which I have seen) of the black water and she walked out into her room and she begins to freak out as she moves the camera to the wall where you can see the word "Stay" begin to fade up in black writing. She went to the pastor on campus and he sent her to the Catholic church nearby. That's all I know of the story right now. I live in Dexter hall and I have had an experience as well that I didn't even consider to be ghostly until recently. The dorms in Dexter 3-5 are so you and your roommate have separate rooms. So one room is in the front with the main door, the sink, and the fridge and the other is in the back with the closets. I live in the back room and have to go through my roommates room to get to mine. One day I was leaving for a game and when I shut my bedroom door I felt a click on the doorknob as it closed. I immediately tried to open it up again but the door was locked. I never have locked that door and I didn't even know it had a lock. I left for my game and asked my roommate if she would mess with it and she had no luck. When I got back I called campus safety and they ended up having to get maintenance to come and rip the knob off the door. I thought it was weird because why would you have a doorknob that locks from the inside but you can't unlock from the outside. There was no key hole on it or anything. I still don't know how the door managed to lock because there was so visible lock on the knob, but it did. I got a new one though that is much newer and it hasn't happened since. I just thought there was a malfunction with the door until recently a friend told me she thought it was a ghost. I also have trouble hanging certain things on my walls. For example I had a large picture frame with pictures of my boyfriend in it, the first night it fell and shattered. I tried to just tape the pictures onto my wall but they continued to fall no matter how many times I put new tape on them. I have several other items on my wall like a painting of my dog that never falls, I have whiteboards that don't fall and a wind chime. I have another wind chime with mirrors that constantly falls no matter where I put it on the wall. I know what you're thinking "What is so scary about things falling?" Every time things fall it is in the middle of the night and I'm jolted awake by it, and also whenever the mirror chime falls, the hook has been perfectly on the wall still, like it was lifted off of the hook. I have given up trying to rehang it. I tried buying different products to hang but it has been no use. I tried to tell myself that command strips just don't adhere to the paint on the walls well, but I have other, heavier things hanging on my walls with those same products that haven't fallen once. I don't really believe in that stuff, but take from this story what you will.

    Posted 1/22/19

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  • more than just that

    1) Both Dexter Hall and Pell Hall are said to have "suicide rooms" with angry ghosts in them. Dexter Hall 's first floor is also supposedly haunted. 2) Both Freshman dorms are also supposedly haunted. Andrews Hall had some incidents including candles lighting themselves and stuff flying across rooms when I was a freshman. 3) I did dispatch for the campus police for a few semesters and a couple of the security guards refused to patrol the Alumni House after dark, especially in the basement. They swore that something evil lived there. 4) Both the Cabin and the Ampitheatre have ghost stories associated with them and we were warned to never be there after dark. 5) Ezell Hall was previously the infirmary. It's said to be haunted by victims of the 1912 flu pandemic. In my first few years there, it was the Writing Center, and one of the security guards was shocked that I'd stayed there until late at night. He told me that it was haunted and would never go in there after dark. There are a couple more, too. I don't think there's a residence hall on campus that *doesn't* have at least one ghost story associated with it, and most have more than one. I never actually saw anything, but we'll, these things tend to avoid me. Ouija boards have been known to stop working when I enter the room...

    Posted 10/12/18

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