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Montrose Cemetery - Lowthers Hill Cemetery - Real Darlington Haunted Place

  • Darlington, SC
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The Montrose Cemetery is rife with paranormal activity. Investigators have explored the grounds, searching for indications of ghostly presences. Reports indicate cold spots abound in this area, and ghostly screams are often heard. Many people believe they are the cries of young children who were supposedly murdered there sometime between the 1950's and 1960's. Other visitors to the cemetery claim to have witnessed apparitions. A shapeless black shadow has been reported on multiple occasions.

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  • Got a bunch of pics of some orbs!

    Heard barking/almost screeching? Animal like but shrugged it off as a nearby dog in someone’s yard or something. Got a bunch of orbs on my phone, nothing serious but my dad said he saw a figure looking back at him from down the dirt road leading to the wooded trail, when we first got out of the car. Just getting into paranormal hunting, had some very weird ouiji bored experiences when I was a teen so I know it’s legit. Going back soon!

    Posted 8/30/22

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  • Still lit

    I went out there a couple of times. But this one time stuck with me for some reason. It had been raining all day, when we got a little break from the rain me and my buddy rode out there just cause we were close. There were 2 candle on top of the big front gravestone. And keep in mind it’s been raining and windy all day. The candle were lit…. Not flapping around like a normal flame would in wind. But THEY WERE STILL LIT AND MY MIND IS STILL BLOWN ABOUT IT

    Posted 2/13/22

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  • There's something out there

    I went out there in broad daylight, noonish. Captured class A EVPs, it was much cooler and darker inside the cemetery, I acquired a quick headache and goose bumps. I'm going back soon for a night investigation.

    Posted 10/15/20

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  • A scary place

    I have heard a lot of differant stories but I have peiced it al together I have been there myself yes I do believe there is a man in a black cloke but the sounds are probably fake a amplifier or a speaker and the man in the cloke is not a ghost he is alive

    Posted 8/9/20

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  • Scary

    There was a little girl holloring mommy and please stop.

    Posted 2/19/20

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  • Scary

    I went in labor out there I was scared so bad

    Posted 11/21/19

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  • I've been there

    I live about 30 to 35 mons from the graveyard. One night me and some of my friends went to investigate the tail of the boy who you can hear crying. Well my friends when we got there started like playing around trying to scare me and one of my friend. So my friend and myself decided to walk back to the car. I was about seven months pregnant and as soon as we walked past the big stone something that we couldn't explain and couldn't see pushed me so hard that I actually feel agents my friend. Then we both noticed something really scary if she wouldn't have been standing beside me when I was pushed, I would have fooling on a sharp stick that was sticking out of the ground and with how long and sharp that point was it would have gone right through my stomach and probably even killed me. Then my boyfriend at the time said he was laying on the ground by out car and it felt as if something was trying to pull him into the ground. So we decided to leave and on the way down the dirt road we watched a black figure jumping from side to side until we got to the bottom of the hill and turned onto the paved road. That night a lot of my friends who didn't believe in the paranormal became believers.

    Posted 9/10/19

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  • male spirit

    Saw a male spirit wearing a black suit in the woods on the right side of the cemetery near the walkway to the woods is. He was just staring not moving just watching us. But went back a week later and got a recording of a young girl saying “follow me behind the rock” and we were told that investigators were thrown behind the big rock with the list of names on it. But you will not catch something everytime!

    Posted 4/12/18

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  • Such a joke

    Sucked this is a joke nothing there but some gave makers

    Posted 3/6/18

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